What We Do

We help our clients make more money and keep more of the money they make!  The old advertising adage states that "50% of all advertising dollars are wasted but the problem is that no one knows which 50% it is."  At the Web Visit Store, we have set out to disprove that adage. We believe that you can know which "50% it is" and maximize your return on your advertising investment.

After a brief discussion regarding your company's business goals, the Web Visit Store will implement a highly visible advertising campaign that will employ a variety of channels and social media that will drive more visitors to your website!  It is not unusual to see a significant gain in the number of visits to your website from the very beginning of the campaigns.

Once we have the approval on the campaign budget, we will turn our "Web Pros" on to everything they can to increase visitors to your website. We will not exceed the monthly budget you set. If we fail to hit the budgeted number of visits duriung a 90 day period, you will PAY ONLY FOR THOSE VISITS YOU GET.  Also, if there is an increase in visits over the anticipated budget, we DO NOT CHARGE our clients for the increase in visits over the budgeted amount, they are free to you!   So we are going to do whatever it takes to drive more potential customers to your website!

With this model everyone wins!  Our client wins by gaining more exposure to potential customers, the customer wins by benefiting from a great offer from our client and Web Visit Store wins by delivering more paying customers to our client's website! It doesn't get any better than that!

For more information, please feel free to contact us or call us at 407-915-3700 or cell at 407-284-0900. We look forward to speaking to you soon. 

What Our Clients Say

  • Since engaging Internet Revenue Specialist we have seen traffic increase on our website by 1000% - The right people are finding us for the right reasons!

    Would recommend us: Yes
    10/3/2017 11:37:45
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